About DJ Pocket Money

Before I begin I should mention that I don’t use this name anymore.. so here’s the explanation.

I started DJ Pocket Money at the age of twelve whilst in Year 7 as I had learnt to DJ well enough and for whatever reason wanted everyone to know about it. So I started doing a few mini DJ gigs at school up until halfway through Year 8. Near the end of Year 7 I also started making music on GarageBand for iPad. It took me quite a while to realise this whole ‘DJ Pocket Money’ thing was getting really cringey. People would ask me what my DJ name was and often I’d consider if I should tell them or not.

Although I don’t think I should look at this entire thing in a bad way, as I did enjoy some parts of the experience to an extent. But over time my music tastes have changed and my music production skills have improved. I’ve moved on from genres like big room and I no longer use GarageBand. Now in Year 9, I still make music, and I chose the name ‘Audiox’ because I was fine with it and it literally means nothing. Although it would’ve been a lot better if I could’ve used my own name, but most of the time no one knows how to pronounce it correctly.

I’ve decided to take my time in realeasing new music so that I can at least make something quality.

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